About Me

Where do I start? Think this is better entitled “Wuh I gine let you know About Me.

Been blogging for a whole week and one day but still ignoring that glaring “About Me” menu tab.


I’ve spent much time ruminating on what I should say about me.  As I did, three Ps came to mind: procrastinator (seriously delaying completing this section of Q’s Space), perfectionist (a label that I don’t like at all, but so they say…. and I guess hence the procrastination) and poppit (a Bajan term for an idiot, but being used here affectionately  to describe someone who is lighthearted, tends to be a bit “silly” and can laugh at themself… and others).

Born in Barbados and lived here most of my life. Studied in Manchester, England for three years…three years of cold and drizzling rain but, in retrospect, three very good years.  I’d say maybe the best three years of my life. Not that I felt so then, though.

I love animals. Love tennis (Federer is King). Love outdoors. Love Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

Teach for a living. Some would say “lecture’ but I prefer ‘teach”. Maybe because it’s the aspect of the job that I prefer. Have an analytical mind. That’s good for the job…not so good outside the job. Pay attention to details, but not necessarily the same details as the average individual.

Tend to have many tabs open in Google Chrome at any given time…and (said in hushed tones) had 77 tabs open in Safari on my iPad. When I count dem I did shame. Feel like I need a support group for that.

I like to learn things but get tired reading… arms tire holding the book, eyes tire looking at the words…so audiobooks are working for me. Miss the physical page turning though. Lawse, can’t please me at all. 🙂

For the first time in ages, I have time to figure out what I really like and who I really am. What one can look at as arguably the worst thing that has happened to me (developing a severe multiple chemical sensitivity problem), I am now choosing to see as an opportunity to discover other dimensions of ME. You know the saying “when one door closes, another opens”? Well, I feel like I getting pelt thru a door all now, but I’m trying to embrace it all and unmask the blessings therein. So I can cook more….am beginning to read more…can spend more time with others (in theory), can relax more (had to learn how to do this tbh) and can spend more time by myself too. I even went fishing…yep, a whole one time.

So, that’s me in a nutshell. A rather big nutshell. Ok, ok, ok….I think I may be a bit long-winded at times….”chatty” sounds better…”willing to share” if sugarcoating, but definitely not “verbose”..that has negative connotations.

Hope you enjoy Q’s Space!

And hope I can keep it up…cuz, I am very good at starting things. Follow through? Mehhh… not always suh good.