My First Blog Post … everrrrrr!

Well, well, well! Look who blogging now!

Never fancied myself a blogger. Saw blogging as a fad and I don’t really get caught up in fads…. but on revising my view of blogs and seeing them as a portal for sharing of life experiences, thoughts, ideas and pics among other things, I began to embrace the idea of starting my own blog. Vlogging, now……nah boh… no way! Dah ain’t happening at all.

As you probably noticed by now, I will be writing at times (perhaps often, depending on mood and blog subject and purpose of the post) in other than standard English. Bajan, but understandable Bajan, will be my preference. After all, gotta represent the 246.

And at this point, when I felt to pelt in a Bajan flag, I realise that either I can’t use emojis here or, rather likely, I don’t know how to do that yet. Yep, the learning curve shall be quite steep. But I’m kinda excited to figure it out.

So why start blogging? Why now?

Wellllll, I used to think that bloggers were people who wanted to be heard or felt others would want to hear their inner thoughts and opinions. And if I’m honest [apologies to Mrs C., my lovely primary school head teacher, for starting a sentence with “and”… but it really reads better in this form of writing….imagine me getting my first lashes with her strap at the age of 45 (28, if you go with my in denial age)], I wasn’t seeing them in a very positive light. It was more of a “look at these attention-seekers or approval-seekers or know-it-alls’ kinda way. And hmmmm…..looka look…. here I am now blogging. Maybe I am at a stage in my life where I do not necessarily feel to be heard (not that cuz that sounds a bit too much like I should be lying on a black, leather couch having some head shrinker listen to my problems… not that there’s a single thing wrong with that), but feel I have something to say. Or better yet “something to share”. Ain’t it something how one can play with words and change the whole complexion of the same activity. And this is just one more reminder that, in life, perspective is key. Also, reminds me how biased we (I) can be and how I must strive to remove the filters (or at least shift them one side for a bit) before passing judgement on the intent of others.

Anyways, this getting a bit too serious for my blog premiere. 🙂

So what do I aim to do with Q’s Space? ……… I plan to make entries of whatever I please, whenever I please…. and I hope to somehow add something good or positive to the lives of any readers (or do they call them “followers”……hope not, that sounding li’l stalkerish), whether it be by making them smile, laugh, feel more encouraged, feel less alone or isolated, feel more relaxed (by way of sharing “gawghus” pics of local scenery) be more informed on something that matters to them or inspired (not so sure how I gine achieve this one but “inspire’ seems like a good thing to aim for).

It just crossed my mind that perhaps blogging, FOR ME, can be like Facebook sans the many distractions….and, of course, the “Likes” and now also the “Loves”, “Hahas”, “Wows”, “Sads” and “Angrys”. Less time on FB. Always a good thing LOL.

Ok, this is getting to be a long post now…heck not even I may wanna read it when done. 🙂 #trustmeIamnotlongwindedjustthorough

So I will end Q’s Space Blog Entry Numero Uno with this thought….

For those of you who read this and say/think “Hmmm, she like she going thru something”….you’re right. Ain’t we all going thru something? That thing is called “LIFE”.

I’m out!

P.S. I did hey previewing dis entry and realize I wudda get licks fuh real cuz I ain’t only start a sentence wid a conjunction, but looka dah sentence lacking de pronoun “I”. “Saw blogging as a fad…”  I wud be seeing two lashes cross my backside. LOL Not in trute, Mrs C was a stickler for grammar but she ain’t no savage. More on her in a subsequent blog. One person I truly admire and have the utmost respect for. (INSERT heart emoji here)

I out fuh real dis time.

12 thoughts on “My First Blog Post … everrrrrr!

      1. Steve

        And you were soooo quiet at school! Congrats on your first debut blog. Lol. I love it and I’m waiting for more.


  1. Cin Dy

    Yusssssss! I didn’t know you were so ammmm…up in d numbers!!😂😂 ya looking real good mann!😆 yes keep the dialect and musings flowing…there can never too much positivity on our wee planet!

    I used to see blogging, vlogging and social media in a similar light to what you described but I realised that people just want to share their experiences with others and you know what ???people also want to be shared with! (Insert my name for latter). I learn from you when I read what u write and I’m pleasantly amused while learning and relating and thinking. It’s a win!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. suzieqsspace Post author

      Cindy, thanks for giving me that little nudge which led to this blog. I think that social media, quite contrary to their name, have created a form of isolation and disconnect as we tend to communicate and hang out virtually, rather than meet up in the flesh. And people need connection in some form….in different doses, but we all need it. So sharing by way of blogging and vlogging can go towards meeting that need to connect with others. Still no match for plain old chilling out together tho.
      And I ainno wuh um iz dat you learn from my Facebook posts….how to cheer for Roger Federer? How to eat a whole tray of Ferrero Rocher chocs in a short space of time? Lol
      Just kidding. Glad you gain from the more serious posts.


  2. Sonny/Jenn

    Yes this is indeed your fortay…. have always thought from the early LC days that you were a loveable mess! More of a mess as time went out, but sadly no less lovable!! It early in Egypt , the WiFi like syrup here! A finally get to read…

    Liked by 1 person


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