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AIP Ribs – on point

Welllllll, if I needed a dose of inspiration to keep with the autoimmune protocol diet, I got it a few minutes ago when the aroma of tender spare ribs met my nostrils, pulling me from the slumber that my alarm only managed to rouse me from for long enough to hit the stop button, grabbing my gustatory attention and encouraging me to crack the lid of that slow cooker and share the experience with the eyes which were greeted with some beautifully cooked, grass-fed, pork ribs.

Needless to say, I had to jukk my fork in one and as I watched the meat fall away from the bone, I decided to have a taste and risk the acid reflux that may ensue when I soon go back to bed. Deeeeeelish!

Perhaps, I should give them a few minutes in the broiler to get that perfect browning and introduce a slight crisp and texture to the edges………….. Nahh, can do that I the morning. It’s Tupperware time. And bedtime.

Will finish this off when the sun comes up. Serve with a some butternut squash (roasted or maybe slow-cooked) and a side of salad and we good to go.

Apologies for the semi-foggy second pic but wasn’t about waiting for it to cool down and maannnn, she was steaming and oozing goodness.

If uh remember, will post a pic of the plated meal. And don’t expect any fancy plating. I cooking, not cheffing. 🙂

I out!

Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Day 1

It has been a while and I’ve been very busy. Too busy, really.  So let me bring you up to date on what’s been keeping me away from Q’s Space.

Today I started the Autoimmune Protocol, a special diet which is was designed for those with autoimmune diseases but looks like it can help others with a chronic inflammatory disease. So I’m hoping to see some benefits and am optimistic about it improving my health.

Now lemme tell yuh….for me, this is a biggie. When I first saw the list of “can’t eat” foods my heart sank and I all but gave up. No eggs, no dairy, no grains (wuhhhh? not even brown rice…no pasta?), no nightshades (and I thought, oh that can’t be that bad as I don’t even know what the heck those are so I don’t use them….but, lo and behold, nightshades include peppers…so bye to my lovely bell peppers that brought so much colour to my salads and de sweet pepper that was part of my curry recipe, bye to white pepper and black pepper), no legumes or seeds (wuh dem serious? After I get used to roasted pumpkin seeds sprinkled on my pumpkin soup), no nuts (not even walnuts? the brain nuts? brazils for their selenium? hazelnuts, cuz they are scrummy, especially when the rest of a Ferrero Rocher chocolate is wrapped around them)….which brings me to NO CHOCOLATE…not even dark chocolate. By this time I am pretty much resigned to the fact that this is gonna be a no-no for me. But here I am, a dose or two of encouragement later, or was it ,misery loving company as it came from the very person who introduced me to the diet and who is embarking on the same AIP journey.

What I will say is that thanks to the internet, I had ample access to AIP recipes (a sign of how prevalent autoimmune conditions have become) and have spent the last week searching for those allowed foods which can be sourced locally (don’t find things like rutabaga here….and maybe just as well cuz that doesn’t sound like anything I should be putting in my mouth), trying and tinkering and tweaking and tasting. So far, it’s working out very well and I have enough meal options at the moment to start the diet and feel like I will cave as soon as hunger pangs exceed availability of an AIP-compliant meal.

I gonna show off a bit and let you see some of the finished products.

There was one absolute disaster….the turkey with cranberries and apple. Shudda known that the short ingredient list which was practically devoid of seasonings (only sea salt sprinkled on the bird) could not satisfy my Caribbean palate, but I was hopeful. Goodness, the thing looked pretty enuf when I set it up in the slow cooker. Nuff potential. In the end, it formed the basis for Lukey (my dog) eating like a king for the rest of the week. The bird was tough and as tasty as a shoe sole (not that I tried one but I can only imagine).

In stark contrast, however, were the curried lamb, lamb stew and today’s spare ribs which were seasoned with an AIP spice rub made from scratch. All dis got me feeling like I cuh cook dennnn. Like I pon an episode of Chopped….ok maybe not, but on some Food Network show. Only thing is they aren’t altering recipes found online…or are they? All jokes aside, I don’t consider myself a chef at all but I am certainly enjoying the cooking.

So I promised you some pics:

Dunno why I chose to magnify the turkey attempt, but ain’t it pretty? Note that was before cooking. I didn’t sample raw bird. LOL

If you click on the image and pass your cursor over the bottom of each pic you’ll see a caption. Maybe you knew that …. I didn’t tho.

Anyhowsie, sleep here tugging at my eyelids and my body hollering out for a chance to replenish itself after a long day.

I gone!