Waiitttt! Wuhpart you did?

Fitting title for this post seeing it’s been ages since I last signed into Q’s Space.

For non-Bajan readers, that translates to: “Wait! Where have you been?”

Sooooooo, I just revisited my personal “About Me” blurb and I can safely say that I like I know muhself. Or, in the words of those types who have read and swear by  Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret” and talk of manifesting reality and laws of attraction etc., maybe I put it out there in the universe that this would happen when I ended off with “And hope I can keep it up…cuz, I am very good at starting things. Follow through? Mehhh… not always suh good.”

BTW, I haven’t read The Secret, but I have a very good friend who did and I kinda feel like some of its concepts have diffused from Rhonda through her and into my awareness. It’s on my extensive list of books to read tho. And by read I more mean absorb the contents and info therein without necessarily having to read cover to cover. Ideally I wanna Blinkist it.

Anyhowsie, if the records here are to be believed, iz almost ten months since my last blog post. Woww!!

I gine try pass that off as time flying by real fast, which it is tbh, but I’m back with plenty resolve to make more frequent posts. And that is quite an achievable target. How less frequent cud they get? 

What have I been up to? In a nutshell, living… enjoying blue and green spaces, watching fewer sunsets than I’d like, cooking and naturally eating, socializing [within limits – I can have significant antisocial tendencies (imo) and definitely have periods when my desire to be around people approximates zero…. introvert? ambivert? some kinda “vert”…but not an extrovert]; started hiking (love it but that kinda going like my blogposts in terms of frequency), riding (within limits cuz I ain’t dah good at it yet; no main roads fuh me …I neva see a car get lick down by a bike so I know my place); picked up road tennis (and get kinda good at it too – more on that later – worthy of its own blogpost)…and I would love to add reading here, but having discovered the offerings of a firestick the plan to read has been superseded by a few binge-watched series and catching up on movies. BUT in my defense, I had good intentions and will also claim some level of actuation. I bought nuff books – audiobooks, Kindle books, even some real real, hold in yuh hand books and have started several. Finished perhaps a grand total of two (2). [An aside –  why do people do that? “two (2)” Do they think that the person who can read “two” may not be able to follow “2”? Don’t ya pretty much learn de two (2) at de same time? Just don’t get it.]

I gine sign off here tho, cuz it getting late and I need some more shuteye and I now gotta relearn how to format these things and pretty them up a bit before posting.

Wuhlosssss, a suhweeet big rain now come down!

Dis is get in ya bed weather boh!

I out!

So see ya soon!


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