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My Current Love Affair

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I cudda been more specific with the title of this post. Could have said, “My Current Love Affair with the BBC“. But then at least half o’ wunna (and I being generous) wudda neva stop to peep at this post.

Sorry to disappoint!

Now that you’re here, please read on. 🙂

But yes, a period of subpar health created the opportunity for me to watch quite a bit of TV, which isn’t quite in-keeping with my 2019 “read more” goal, but it is what I could manage at the time. Never underestimate how taxing it can be to hold a book when one isn’t feeling 100%, let alone turn the pages and concentrate on what is being read.

What’s funny is that while living in the UK many, many moons ago, I did not really have much of an appreciation for the BBC channels. Granted there were far fewer channels on offer back then (dem got nuffffff now), but currently I am only moving between BBC one and BBC TWO… and I’m kinda hooked.

I put down my previous lack of enjoyment of the BBCs to: i) being less than ocularly encouraged by the bleak landscape and seeming lack of vibrancy on the sets of the TV shows (evidence for this being my greater tolerance of “Neighbours”, set in Australia and hence featuring sunshine, compared with sayyyyy, Coronation Street); ii) seeking familiarity and hence preferring to watch that which I was used to, namely North American TV shows and CBC Channel 8 (not sure if it was channel 8 back then but you know what I mean); iii) being a student at the time and having several alternatives to watching TV e.g. sitting in the kitchen, warming myself and melting Wispa chocolate bars on the radiator (yesss, cuz they taste so much better in a semi-molten state), awaiting a scrummy “student meal” like spaghetti with sweetcorn AND butter…with a “steak” from ASDA if yuh splurging and have the time (note, I was not a fan of the popular and much simpler meal of spuds and baked beans); playing Trivial Pursuit with whoever else was free and also seeking warmth and perhaps company in the kitchen; going out to catch a movie at the Odeon, to grab a meal (KFC usually cuz I was a student; Jade Garden and the Mark Addy as a treat), to go bowling or to the pub for a pint (pronounced “poinnnnt”) – sweet cider for me… not a fan of yeasty beer; playing tennis or football with “The Wimps” (affectionate collective name for my closest friends at Uni…hope dem ain’t reading dis LOL) … in the cold (cuz to me it was always cold) or, heaven forbid, indoors in the confined space of a Chandos Hall double room; shopping trip to Arndale Centre (yep, that’s when I clean forgot that I was a student and had a student budget….hmmmmm! nuh wonder I was eating spaghetti with sweetcorn and butter); and I believe it is only fitting that studying be mentioned in this list.

Oops! I digressed a bit, down a path of sweet nostalgia. In hindsight, dem was some great days. At the time, they were good days, but the cold and my lack of psychrotolerance had me longing to return to the 246 Bim Rock.

Back on track….

I think what is most intriguing to me about shows on the BBC one and TWO, is their ability to turn what may perhaps be the most potentially mundane of topics into a show that I feel the need to watch. And I am not suggesting that this is typical of all of their TV shows, but it is certainly true of “Antiques Roadshow”, “Best House in Town”, “Escape to the Country”, “Great British Railway Journeys”, among others. Why I am watching these? Could it be that I’m getting old? Nahhh! #remainingindenial #stillinmuhlate20s 

A couple days ago, I found myself watching “Jane Austen: Behind Closed Doors”…and I thought, “Who the hell am I?”. 

I think it has a bit to do with the British accent, which I really like…..and lemme be clear which accent I mean, cuz some Brits iz barely sound like dem speaking English.  I mean the Idris Elba kinda accent… maybe biased a bit there by other Elba attributes, but hope you know what I mean. I love any British accent that I can follow and I’m quite entertained by all others. There is something about that “BBC News accent” that can entice me to listen to news items that wouldn’t normally catch my attention. The British also seem to have a knack for storytelling… well, perhaps not all Brits but de ones pon tv. And their sense of humour is fantastic. Such wit, sarcasm…. I luvvv it!  

So as I watch episodes of their gameshows, e.g. Priceless, Think Tank and Eggheads, I am so entertained by the witty remarks and banter that I can look past the fact that I ain’t know de answers to most o’ de questions. 

I love “Mock the Week” which reminds me of “Whose Line is it Anyway?”, and Brexit provides a tremendous amount of fodder for the comics. 

I even stumbled across a most hilarious comedian, Gina Yashere, during the BBC TWO equivalent of CBC Channel 3’s “Closed Down” where they show a wide variety of short clips. She near kill muh wid her set about the career choices of a Brit of Nigerian heritage. Here’s a link if ya want a good laugh: Gina Yashere Live at the Apollo

As I contemplate on it a bit more, I think what I appreciate about the BBC programming is their focus on quality rather than sensationalism and their delivery of informative and pleasant stories of human interest, laced with that trademark British humour. Shucks, I am getting old. LOL

I look forward to episodes of “Africa with Ade Adepitan”, “Masterchef UK”, “My Million Pound Menu”, “Natural World”, “Would I Lie to You” and more, not abandoning the North American Channels that I “grew up on”, but opening my eyes and mind and embracing an alternative….and dare I say, a better one. 

So if you’re a diehard ABC/NBC/CBS/BET/Lifetime/LMN/OWN, or heaven forbid FOX News, watcher, I encourage you to give the BBCs a look….and see if your taste is maturing like mine LOL.

Laterz, lemme catch the tail end of “Homes Under the Hammer”. 

A brief two words hey so

Sooooo I’m up early. The little canine, Lukey, decided to wake me so he could go outside and rub his belly along the grass (Insert eye roll here). And I gotta pay him mind cuz sometimes he actually really needs to go outside to use the “Lukey loo”, and if I ignore those moments I am greeted with a small pile of “smelly Lukey logs” in the far corner of a room or a small pool of “Lukey pee” with spatters alongside anything I have left on the ground at his leg height. Good ting I got nuff o’ dem reusable shopping bags – his favourite target.

Having gone to bed early and also now that the sleep has been knocked outta me, I ponder …. ‘how I gine tekk full advantage of this up earliness?” 

First idea – do the National Trust Hike….I did into dem last year and slack off badd badd. So I checked this week’s location….. Indian Ground Playing Field – The Richard Goddard Hike, St Peter. Wuhhhhh? Who? Dah fail. Dis body ain’t driving all up dey today.

Next option – ok, as soon as it gets lil brighter I cuh go fuh a ride. Bike hey so becoming a bit ornamental so dat sounding good. Lo and behold, two drops o’ rain fall…soooooo, yuh know dat pon pause…..granted I have gone riding in de rain before…even got caught in a torrential downpour dat sneak in outta nowhere…and thoroughly enjoyed it too. So de fact that I still here typing this tells me I just being lazy. 

I glance at my phone (yeppp….the beginning of the end of anything involving exercise), and see that Apple has taken the initiative to create a video of the Best of the Year 2018, using random pics and videos of mine. It ain’t ask me nutting…just ups and do it….but I sure in some of the finest of fine prints somewhere I have agreed to let it do this so I gine be quiet and thankful that it is doan just up and share it for muh wid whoever it pleases. Turns out to be a nice collection….of course it got in a few pics that make yuh wonder “ammmmm, why?” but they also confirm that it is a non-human selecting the images. So I save the vid and think of what next …..  Do I just revel in the peace and quiet of the early morning? I prise open de window little more and enjoy de crisp, cool, fresh air….and the silence.

And THEN I say, lemme just check my Facebook newsfeed….. Ya know it done dey LOL

Was a rather brief FB visit and a bit of brief exchange of comments (“Facebook chit chat) with a couple other early risers and then it dawns on me (pun intended) lemme do a blog.

So here I am….jotting down a few words, still hoping to lure my body out of it’s “stop in yuh bed lil longer inertia” and go for a ride. Torn (not really torn…but it sounds better …more dramatic) between riding and doing a bit of gardening before de sun get hot hot. And as I type this I realise I am OLD. Gardening is near the top of my list. Wuhlosss!

Right now I am watching a little white lizard which has adopted the area round my tv as its playground (or perhaps hunting ground… tho I wish he luck cuz my swatter done tekk care of several potential meals). Outside bright and his built in “guh back into hiding cuz yuh gine get kill” sensors say it’s time to retreat to wherever he iz be during de day…. likely hiding amongst my books waiting to surprise me. For now we good. We have an understanding. He will either end up as a flattened, crispy lizard corpse discovered under a pile of books or he will be smart and grow up to be a teenaged white lizard, at which point we gine have to renegotiate this agreement. Cuz by then he ain’t gine be de cute little fella dancing bout by my tv cables. He gine graduate to being de ting dat might crawl pon me or drop pon me …de ting I friten fuh. He best chat wid de big fat one dat is be in my kitchen dat know dat when lights on it is my turf and when lights out he got free rein. If young lizzy onstand that, we good and he will live long. Dem got nuff sugar ants bout hey dat he cuh eat. I wud even lure dem in wid some crumbs LOL. Not in trute… Terro Ant Kill already down to mekk sure dem doan lift me outta hey pon a nite, cuz yuh done know dem is team up and be carrying tings MUCH bigger dan dem back to their nest. I gotta protect myself……and Lukey LOL

Anyhowsie, I called this a brief two words hey so, and as usual I rattling on. 

So I gone. 


Becausing dese chirrun is grow up fast fast, I decided to share a pic of de little lizard in his youth.

Looka, Lizzibus!!