Lessons from the Valleys – Intro

IMG_4974I ain’t even ashamed by the fact that I can aptly start yet another blog post with some reference to it being quite a while since my last post. Rather, I choose acknowledge my consistency in that regard, pat myself on the back for making it back to Q’s Space AND completing an entry, accept that this is just how it has been and will most likely continue to be, and know that THAT IS JUST FINE.

Don’t take that as an “It’s my blog and I’ll post if I want to” kinda attitude (typed and hopefully being read with a little head wag and shoulder shimmy to the tune of the Chiffons’ song, “It’s My Party” from the 60s💃). Instead see it as awareness and me embracing that, when it comes to blogging, stick-to-it-iveness is just not my thing….and I am perfectly fine with that. Ok, ok, uh lie! I have learnt (alrightttt…I am learning) to be fine with that. There may still be a niggling part of me that figures I could post more regularly but I have pretty much snuffed it out. It doesn’t gnaw at me. There’s no guilt; no sense of obligation….just a “Pssst!”… a tiny tap on the shoulder when I come across someone else’s blog or happen to notice Q’s Space as one of musse 20+ opened tabs in Google Chrome on my laptop (and yessss…one located far to the left of the screen…an indication that it did open evvvuh since). But that tiny tap which once used to feel like an annoying nudge is now a gentle reminder which I call INSPIRATION. 😊 

Thanks to Ave Higgs my “birthday twin” and author of BIG little Writes, for delivering that dose of inspiration this time around. ❤️ 

This was intended to be a brief post…. a lemme get muh feet wet again kinda entry; but as I started the idea of Lessons from the Valleys came to me (dah sound deep, nuh?….. makes it seem like it was some kinda profound revelation or unfolding LOL) and I decided to try a series of posts on this theme. So here is the first installment.

Lehwe see how this goes!

It is no secret that the past few years of my life have been challenging (#oooh, chile!🤦‍♀️#sugarcoatinggalore), indisputably my toughest years and hence very worthy of attracting the label of “a valley” in my life. If one chooses to see life as a series of peaks and valleys, this has surely been a valley for me.

But I have arrived at a stage in my “valley life” where I am seeing that within that valley there is more than darkness and illness and anger and disappointment and hurt and worry and sadness and pain. There is, and has always been, some form of light. It was much dimmer than the light I had grown used to seeing and it was being overshadowed by an abundance of darkness; but it was there, like a little flicker against a gloomy backdrop…. waiting for me to see and acknowledge it.

I have come to realise that the valleys in our lives are chock full of potential life lessons waiting for us to learn. If only we could relax, wipe away de lotta mud or de mass of cobweb that impairs our vision, quiet our busy minds which opens the door for them to be unlocked and reprogrammed, defrag our hard drives and remove those bad sectors, soften our hearts and, most importantly, TRUST THE PROCESS and BELIEVE that we can reach a life peak again…. Easy to say… very hard to achieve…but try. Hopefully we may even manage to bring about such a radical change in our perspective that we start to see our life valley as an abnormally flat peak instead of a pit.

Lemme leave you with a Bajan “peak” and a local “Valley-esque” view!





Amidst the mopes, rants and pity parties, try to find within your life valleys the opportunities for growth and self-discovery which abound and open yourself to the many lessons that they can bring.


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