Blue Space / Green Space

Blue is my favourite colour, so it’s only fitting that I begin with an appreciation of blue spaces.

One thing I’ve learnt over the past year and a half is the therapeutic value of blue spaces. I’ve always loved outdoors…which is funny, in an unfunny kinda way, as I have spent an over-abundance of my adult life within the four walls of either an office, a lab, a classroom or a seminar room. There has been very little time for outdoors….unless ya count heading to the car…and from the car…and moving from one concrete “cage” to another.

Having been forced in a sense to embrace the great outdoors, I’ve been able to bask in the sunshine, wet my feet in the crystal clear, Caribbean waters as I walk along the white, sandy beaches and treat my eyes to a feast of blueness while inhaling fresh coastal air. Bliss! And “blisser” if I can find some smooth stones to skip across the flatter nearshore waters. There’s a certain skill to skipping stones… one which I learnt from my Dad. So skipping stones is one way in which I remember and reconnect with him…. and I pride myself as a pretty darn good “skippist”, if ya please. And if I get a real suhweeeet stone (not too big and not too small, and smooth and, I’m tempted to say aerodynamic, but iz water we dealing with, sooooo, I will stick with smooth and of a shape that lends itself to skipping) and send it on its journey with a relaxed toss, maaaannnnnnn, I cuh get up to ten skips. Of course, that’s dependent on real smooth water. I’m gonna have to post a pic of a suhweeeet, skipping stone in case yuh wanna try fuh yuhself. [Aside: look how I trying to mekk myself a stone skipping virtual tutor LOL].

Anyways, back to blue spaces. Check out my pics below…various images of the beach behind the old Silver Sands Hotel. For those who don’t have a clue where that is, it’s a beach on near the southernmost tip of Barbados. To be honest, not good for skipping stones or for bathing….more of a beach for kite-surfers…surfers…brave swimmers…recreational fishermen and poppits who feel they can swim but can’t and should really keep out of the waters. But I you combine a low tide period with a lot of patience you can wait out the frequent breaking waves for a period of stillness and get in musse 6 or so skips.

Hope you enjoy the pics!

Gine post some green spaces next time.