For the Foodies


What am I really trying to achieve with “For the Foodies”?

Foodies are food lovers… people who really relish a good meal, have a keen interest in food or as Bajans would say, “dem too luvv da belly”. In my family we affectionately use the term “bellyologists”. They don’t see eating as simply a means of obtaining nutrients or as that which is required to satisfy one’s hunger. For them it is more of a pastime or hobby…or even a duty LOL. They’ve developed an interest in food that, at best, causes them to spend copious amounts of time thinking of or looking for and then executing novel or creative ways of preparing their favourite foods.

Then we have the more of a voyeur type foodie whose interest in food sends them combing through recipes, nowadays probably online… on Pinterest (cuz physical books gradually becoming extinct). They join Facebook groups or follow Facebook pages concerning food and “like” pics of meals posted by friends on FB, Instagram, Snapchat. These foodies ain’t necessarily cooking a ting…but they definitely like or “like” food.

I’m tempted to include in my less than comprehensive but example-rich definition of a foodie those who are always posting pics of their meals, but I’m reluctant cuz, to my mind,  nuff o’ dem is be barely showing off and posting not so much to share their dining experience with others, but rather to say “looka whey I went, boh”. So I’m keeping that subset under consideration.

Now, my last category of foodie is de bona fide, real real foodie who is simply lickrish and just ’bout the consumption aspect of food. Dem ain’t cooking naing….dem looking fuh see who cooking. Dem studying dem belly all de time. De whole dayis revolve around meals. They refer to food as “food”. e.g. “Where my food?” “I going and eat my food.” “Doan touch my food.” They don’t be stepping out at lunchtime to buy lunch. They be “going fuh food and come back.” Yessss, you know de type. The extent of their interest in food is often manifested as an increase in girth, perhaps with deposition of fat in parts of the body that don’t really benefit from additional fat, disappearance of any signs of definition of their abs and, especially in the Bajan male who falls into this category, possession of two skinny legs that exist in stark contrast to de potbelly dat pon de same body.

Of course, yuh get combinations of these foodie types. But what they all have in common is a love for food.

So this blog is for all of them….maybe more suited to a subset of them.

I ain’t promising fabulous recipes. I ain’t claiming to be a boss cook. I’m simply gonna share some of what I cook or bake and maybe some of what I opted for when dining out. (Island Plates Christmas dinner pork chops come to mind here. That was an experience worth sharing.) I tend to search for recipes online and tweak to suit my palate.

Ok, let me start the ball rolling with the quinoa veggie cakes that I made yesterday.

All now, people who reading and don’t know me well might be thinking, “Ahhhh, she is a healthy eater.” Ammmmmmmm, nahhhh! She aspires to eat healthy. The most healthy thing about my eating musse de portion size. And here I mean healthy as in “generous” not conducive to good health. I’m very much a work in progress….with many relapses.



Quinoa veggie cake recipe

So, yes they’re fried. I losing one health point there already, nuh? But fried in Chosen Foods avocado oil….yep, an oil that’s rich in de right kind of omegas and which can withstand higher temperatures without degrading. So it’s “good frying”…..or so I think. “Less wusser” frying. The fact that they’re fried also means that de edges is be nice and crispy.

Now, I’m a texture eater. Eat with my eyes also, but definitely frequently fall victim to things that have a crunch. And I say victim because the crunch preys upon me and is mekk me eat more and more…way past my “stop, ya belly full” limit.

So what do you think? Feel to try a quinoa veggie cake?