AIP Ribs – on point

Welllllll, if I needed a dose of inspiration to keep with the autoimmune protocol diet, I got it a few minutes ago when the aroma of tender spare ribs met my nostrils, pulling me from the slumber that my alarm only managed to rouse me from for long enough to hit the stop button, grabbing my gustatory attention and encouraging me to crack the lid of that slow cooker and share the experience with the eyes which were greeted with some beautifully cooked, grass-fed, pork ribs.

Needless to say, I had to jukk my fork in one and as I watched the meat fall away from the bone, I decided to have a taste and risk the acid reflux that may ensue when I soon go back to bed. Deeeeeelish!

Perhaps, I should give them a few minutes in the broiler to get that perfect browning and introduce a slight crisp and texture to the edges………….. Nahh, can do that I the morning. It’s Tupperware time. And bedtime.

Will finish this off when the sun comes up. Serve with a some butternut squash (roasted or maybe slow-cooked) and a side of salad and we good to go.

Apologies for the semi-foggy second pic but wasn’t about waiting for it to cool down and maannnn, she was steaming and oozing goodness.

If uh remember, will post a pic of the plated meal. And don’t expect any fancy plating. I cooking, not cheffing. 🙂

I out!

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