An “I’m feeling fussy” update

Mondays are often dreaded. Ask Garfield, the cat. They are often the subject of memes regretting the return to work at the end of one weekend and counting down the time till the next. But yesterday, a Monday, was a good day for me. [insert tail wagging emoji here].

It was the day I shared some details about a personal struggle with my Facebook peeps. It was the day I made the first post to my “Not Just in Your Head” Facebook group (it’s a public group so you can check it out). And, if you go by the start time and not the end time, it’s also they day that I customized my blog, changed from that less than eye-friendly default font to one that is much cleaner, created some more menus and added muh first “I ain’t even sure what it’s called tbh”, maybe a blog/post/entry with images of blue spaces under a separate menu.

Ohhhhhh, yes, I’m fussy with myself and my productive day!

So yaay for my Odie-esque Monday!

Next blog mission: work on that “About” description. #shuddabeendoneevuhsince

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